Robert Evan Hunt Biography

Robert Evan Hunt began studying jazz improvisation with Sonny Saul when he was 12 years
old and started composing and recording his own music while attending the Performing Arts
School in Philadelphia. He studied classical piano with Nelly Berman and Leonid Grin and was
a founding member of several bands and music ensembles that performed and recorded
extensively. Early in his career he recorded and produced hip-hop artists at DJ Jazzy Jeff's
studio in Gladwyne, PA. The layering techniques he learned and used during this time has
greatly influenced his music. Robert has composed for small and large ensembles and his compositions have been described as electroacoustic, minimalist, repetitive and polyphonic.

In 2000 he began collaborating with filmmakers composing scores for their films. He plays
the piano and synthesizer and considers the synthesizer to be an instrument unto itself and
not a replacement for acoustic instruments. He lives in Los Angeles, California.

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